Alena Liapko



Alena Liapko  –  Painter

Very early in my life I  showed a passion for an art; a devotion that my parents, professional designers, approvingly stimulated me to follow. I can refer to my father the most for mentoring me in my earliest progress as an artist.

I finished an Art School in Minsk, Belarus, then graduated from Easel Graphic Arts Department of Belarusian Academy of Arts (1995-2001). Throughout my academic studies my  artistic abilities were recognised by my teachers and peers, and after a graduation I was awarded a grant from Creative Academic Studios . At the same time, I was teaching drawing at Belarusian Academy of Arts.

Despite the fact that my career as a printmacker and a teacher was short lived ( me and my husband moved to Canada at 2003 ), however, I discovered my current interest in the field of watercolour.

I developed a unique combination of using a transparent watercolour and an oil pastel together, which gives to my paintings so intense and colourful look.

Now I have been living in Ottawa Area with my husband and kids for over a decade. We are enjoing to be outside as much as possible, and not surprising it has got an impact on my art. In most of my landscapes I depict vibrant views from different places of Ottawa and Outaouais Region.


04_Infinity_2014_watercolour&oil pastel on canvas


Infinity    –    36 in x 96 in

watercolour & oilpastel on canvas    –    $8680



Huron Lookout

Huron Lookout     –    Watercolor

8 in x 8 in    –  $580



Forest (Gatineau Park)

Forest (Gatineau Park)     –    Watercolor

28 in x 36 in    –  $980



09_LowerTown_2013_watercolour&oil pastel on paper_

Lower Town     –    Watercolor

28 in x 36 in    –  $980



2019-05-15 13.50.21

Notre Dame     –    Watercolor





Rainy Day 2     –    Watercolor

36 in x 28 in    –    $1180



2018-09-12 23.39.10

Rainy Kingston     –    Watercolor

28 in x 36 in    –    $980



2019-05-15 13.43.46

Rideau Canal     –  Watercolor on canvas

30 in x 40 in    –    $2590



2019-04-10 11.43.00

Lights on a Snow     –    Watercolor on canvas

36 in x 28 in    –    $2590



07_View Down The ByWard Market_2013_watercolour&oil pastel on canvas_76 x 102cm_$2360

View Down the ByWard Market     –    Watercolor, oil, pastel on canvas

30 in x 40 in    –  $2590