Edmond Léger



Edmond Léger – Painter


Music has been an emotion that I have nurtured all my life. There has
always been a duality in my music. First, there is the mathematical
grammar that allows me to join notes together to achieve a logical
sequence. Second, there is the unexplainable connection that comes
when the grammar evolves into a discussion of thoughts,
a sense of  being.
     Being mostly self-taught as far as my music and painting are
concerned, I continue to discuss these thoughts with my abstracts.
There is always a rhythm that occurs while I paint. Musical notes
appear as if I am writing a score, playing, painting the grammar on my
canvas. Improvisation allows the logical to become liberated.
      Music is a bridge that we have been exploring for thousands of
years. This bridge between knowing and understanding is what I try to
achieve with color. It is not the need to do that I wish to explore but
more the need to feel this connection, share my music in a most
intimate way. My paintings are a reflection of my improvisation, my
connection with the unexplainable and the grammar. This place that I
understand without being able to explain it
but rather having no need to….



Tezcatlipoca,  The Black Jaguar    –    Acrylic on canvas
54 in x 44 in    –    $3000


Quetzalcoatl,  The Plumed Serpent    –    Acrylic on canvas
54 in x 44 in    –    $3000
Léger - Now that time stand still - 64x44 - 2800$
Now that time stand still     –     64 in x 44 in
Acrylique sur toile    –    2800,00$
Léger - The equilibrium of planes - 64x44 - 2800$
The equilibrium of planes     –     64 in x 44 in
Acrylique sur toile    –    2800,00$
Chickadees on a Branch, an ode to my mentor    –    Acrylic on canvas
54 in x 44 in    –    $1800
Carte Postale      –    Acrylic on canvas
44 in x 54 in    –    $3000
Léger - La serpiente de Piedra - 24x36 - 900$
La serpiente de Piedra      –     24 in x 36 in
Acrylique sur toile    –    900,00$
Barns in the Field,  an ode to my mentor     –    Acrylic on canvas
18 in x 66 in    –    1500,00
La Primarina   –    Acrylic on canvas
26 in x 66 in    –    $1200
 Finally Alone    –    Acrylic on canvas
30 in x 40 in    –    $900
Providence    –    Acrylic on canvas
44 in x 66 in    –    $1800