Jocelyn Jenkins



Jocelyn Jenkins    –    Potter


I turned from engineering to ceramics more than a decade ago.  Although I live and work in Ottawa, I have strong ties to the Maritimes.  Both places furnish natural images that repeat throughout my ceramic work.  I spend roughly half of my time teaching and running a community studio and the other half creating my own work.  My work consists of functional pieces as well as objects that have a less utilitarian existence.

I have a background in printmaking and painting: as time goes on, both of these interests have more and more influence on my ceramic work. Originally the form of a vessel or an object claimed my attention. Lately, I am pushing these forms to provide surfaces to decorate using sgraffito or slip/underglaze brushwork, combined with various types of resists.

There is an intimacy in creating an image on a ceramic surface, knowing that it will be held, that holds a strong appeal for me.  More than that, the decoration I choose to use is often pictorial, on a three dimensional form:  this allows the user/viewer to choose a point of view and a viewing distance and gives them control over what they choose to focus on, in the images I offer.



Dragon Bowl    –    Clay  (Right)    –    $450

Dragon Snakes    –    Clay  (Center)    –    $240

Fire Water – Service set: Bottle, Tray, 4 cups    –    Clay  (Left)    –    $680





Ocean Tray    –    Clay, Slip, Glaze  (Bottom)    –    $140

Seahorse Bowl    –    Clay, Slip, Glaze    –    (Bottom)    –    $78

Ocean Bottle – Seahorse    –    Clay  (Middle)    –    $300

Plate of Fish    –    Clay (Back)    –    $140





Plate with Boat & Whale    –    Clay    –    $140




Octopus Wall Hanging    –    Clay    –    $140




Tea at Sea – Teapot, Creamer, Sugar Bowl, Tray

Cone 6, Clay, Underglaze, Glaze    –    $375




Sky Large Bowl   –    Cone 6, Clay, Slip, Glaze    –    $450

Sky Bottle   –    Cone 6, Clay, Slip, Glaze    –    $320

Mouse of my Heart   –    Cone 6, Clay, Slip, Glaze    –    $75





Puffin Bowl   –    Cone 6, Clay, Slip, Glaze    –    $220

Puffin   –    Cone 6, Clay, Slip, Glaze    –  $300 each